Can’t find the offer/Offer is not working

Nhat Hung

Last Update hace 2 años

If you tested the current offers but the offer product did not display, usually, there will be two main causes on this issue:

  • Forget accept cookies:
    Please check whether you have accepted all the cookies, since our app may need the cookie allowance. You need to accept cookies in order for the script to be able to execute.

  • Wrong position:
    Basically, the offers will have a fixed default position on all storefronts. But there are some cases which you edit the storefront for the store and there will be some code changes.
    The fixing is easy, it just about changing the offer position, here you can find the instruction: Changing offer position.

  • The Widget is not properly installed:
    If you have any problems when creating offers and it does not appear or finish reading this article it is too complicated for you, please email us via [email protected] with the full details of how you want to change and we will have our team take it in progress.

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