(Quick start guide) Create your first Native Recommender offer

To create your first offer, here are some must steps:

Dieu Mai

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  • Product page
  • Cart page
  • Thank you page: post-purchase page

Step 2: Choose OFFER TYPE

  • Cross-sell: recommend customer buy related items
  • Bundle(Frequently bought together): recommend customer buy a bundle related items
  • Volume/Quantity Discount: Add an additional product to the cart
  • Product Recommendation: Recommend with related products

Step 3: Discount (Optional)

  • Use existing promotion: requires creating a promotion on BigCommerce (recommend to use when you have some special promotions: Buy one get one, etc.)
  • Create new promotion: Native Recommender will automatically create a new promotion via BigCommerce API Promotion
  • Use existing coupon: same as "use existing promotion"

Step 4: Other things to know

  • Custom CSS: free to customize your offer by writing some code
  • Cart Drawer/Slider: no need to access the cart page everytime you want to check when we have cart drawer

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