Introduction to Cart Drawer

Nhat Hung

Last Update 2 years ago

Why Cart Drawer/Slider?

After hitting the button “Add to cart”, you always want to make sure that the products are placed into the cart properly, but everytime, you have to access the cart page or reload the page to see update inside cart. Knowing this is really time-consuming and decrease the customer experience, we developed CART DRAWER

What is Cart Drawer/Slider?

Basically, Cart Drawer is the cart that slides from the right hand site of the current page instead of opening a new page as usual.

Where is the Cart Drawer/Slider placed?

When will Cart Drawer/Slider show up?

  • On every page that has the Add to Cart button
  • After clicking the Cart icon

How to turn on Cart Drawer? 

Cart Drawer will not be on automatically when you first use Native Recommender, it requires you to create before using on your site. To create the first (and of course the only) Cart Drawer, please follow:

  • Step 1: Navigate Shopping Experiences widget
  • Step 2: Click Create new
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions and setup the Cart Drawer as your expected
  • Step 4: Save your Cart Drawer

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