Create a Split Testing Offer

Nhat Hung

Last Update 6 months ago

Step 1: Select the winning criteria. The winner's offer will be chosen based on:

* Conversion: The percentage of customers who click to buy after receiving the offer

* Total $: The total amount that the offer brings

* $/View: Metric that indicates the average cost per view of a offer

Step 2: Select the size of your test traffic.

We will run a test in this amount of traffic. That number will be divided equally between the two offers. After the test is complete, the winner's offer will be automatically determined

Step 3: The A/B test allows you to set up 2 variations of tour offers.

The steps for you to create an offer will be the same as how you do it regularly. You can review the details HERE

Step 4: Go to “Manage Offer” → “Split Testing Offer” to view the progress of the inspection and see the results.

Note: In case you want to finish the check before the quantity you set out earlier, you must choose the winner. The winning offer becomes an offer and keeps running, while the losing version is discarded.

You can follow the steps more objectively here:

If you have any problems or any questions, please email us via [email protected]. We always support you to the best of our ability in the fastest time. Thank you for reading this article and using this feature of ours

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